Virtual 360 Bothy Photographs

Some pictures of Bothies we have  used on our travels. Big thank you to all the volunteers, landowners and contributors that keep these places up and running.

A bothy is a basic shelter, usually left unlocked and available for anyone to use free of charge. It was also a term for basic accommodation, usually for gardeners or other workers on an estate. Bothies are found in remote mountainous areas of Scotland, Northern England, Northern Ireland, Wales and the Isle of Man. They are particularly common in the Scottish Highlands, but related buildings can be found around the world (for example, in the Nordic countries there are wilderness huts). A bothy was also a semi-legal drinking den in the Isle of Lewis. These, such as Bothan Eòrapaidh, were used until recent years as gathering points for local men and were often situated in an old hut or caravan.

Bothy Code

Because they are freely available to all, the continued existence of bothies relies on users helping look after them. Over the years, the Mountain Bothies Association has developed a Bothy Code that sets out the main points users should respect:

  • Bothies are used entirely at your own risk.
  • Leave the bothy clean and tidy with dry kindling for the next visitors. Make other visitors welcome.
  • Report any damage to whoever maintains the bothy. Take out all rubbish which you can’t burn. Avoid burying rubbish; this pollutes the environment.] Please do not leave perishable food as this attracts vermin. Guard against fire risk and ensure the fire is out before you leave. Make sure the doors and windows are properly closed when you leave.
  • If there is no toilet at the bothy please bury human waste out of sight and well away from the water supply; never use the vicinity of the bothy as a toilet.
  • Never cut live wood or damage estate property. Use fuel sparingly.
  • Large groups and long stays are to be discouraged – bothies are intended for small groups on the move in the mountains.
  • Respect any restrictions on use of the bothy, for example during stag stalking or at lambing time. Please remember bothies are available for short stays only. The owner’s permission must be obtained if you intend an extended stay.
  • Because of overcrowding and lack of facilities, large groups (6 or more) should not use a bothy nor camp near a bothy without first seeking permission from the owner. Bothies are not available for commercial groups.

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