Black Spout Virtual Tour


Every 360 Route on this site is Headset ready!

Did you know that every 360 Route on this site can be viewed on a headset. Better still, we have started putting together specialized Headset Tours. These “VR 360 Headset Tours”  have been optimized by us to get the greatest user experience possible.

Welcome to the future

Ok so VR Journeys /Tours are probably going to be a big part of the future for all of us. The technology is getting better every day. have certainly invested an interest in this area of technology. We are pleased to take you on another VR Headset Tour with this mini tour of the Black Spout in Lochnagar, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. 

What you need to get started your VR Journey.

A modern touch screen mobile phone with either Android or iOS operating system.  A VR headset to mount your mobile phone into and a connection to this website, voila your ready to go! 

Below are some suggestions for VR Headsets. Obviously like anything technology there are many price and quality variables, generally speaking the higher the price the better the VR experience but please do your own research on this.

Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard can be a cheap and fun way to get started. Amazon sell self assembly cardboard kits. More information on Google Cardboard can be found HERE

You don’t need the Google app, our Headset VR Tours can be viewed directly from the website.

google cardboard virtual reality headset

Touchscreen Mobile Phone

The quality of your mobile phone is going to play a major part in determining the quality of your VR headset experience.
Screen resolution is the BIG factor here, basically the better the screen resolution the better the VR “realness” will be.  Technology is moving fast and maybe one day we’ll have screen resolutions or some other magical tech that’s on par with our perception of the real world.

Setting Things Up

Start by setting your phone screen resolution to its highest setting.
Set the screen brightness to maximum.
Turn the blue light filter to off.

Choose a 360 Route to view then press the – enter VR button on the bottom of the screen (circled yellow in our screenshot – top photo below). You will now enter VR mode, the screen should now have 2 squares on it (just like our screenshot bottom photo below). Place the phone into your headset following the manufacturers instructions.

360 aberdeen virtual reality headset tour

With the VR headset on, you will now be able to look around as though you were there. You should be able to see a cross or circle on the screen of your headset. If you look around closely you should also be able to see our follow the 360 logo. If you match the cross or circle up with the center of the 360 logo it will move you onto the next photo on the route, to go back there is also a circle to line up with.


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