About 360 Routes

Lesley walking along a ridge in the Grey Corries.

Welcome to 360Routes.com

2020 was a busy year for us up in the hills - we certainly managed to captured quite a few 360 photographs.
It's a bit of a challenge taking lot's of sequential 360 photographs in the mountains, sometimes in arduous conditions. Not to complain though as we were fortunate enough to have the odd day or two of pure sunshine with temperatures in the mid 20's, and boy did we enjoy them. The photographs within are what they are, quality is always compromised due to time and environment, nevertheless this site should still give an idea of the beauty and remoteness of the Scottish landscape.
Anyway we hope you enjoy this website.
Thanks for visiting and please check back often.

Lesley & David

Virtual Tours and 360 Photography throughout Scotland.

360Routes.com, a site full of 360 degree HDR photographic virtual routes and tours travelling through some of the most beautiful locations and remote landscapes in Scotland. These routes are truly captivating, never before have we had the opportunity to virtually explore such far of places, viewing them in 360 photography on our phones, tablets or computers. These 360 photo routes and tours are great to travel along, stop, scroll, pan around, view and compare the 360 photo’s against the map provided within the 360 route window.

If your a hill walker, runner, mountain biker or just generally love getting out and about into the countryside 360Routes.com could become a very useful tool for planning, preparation or just bringing back memories. Do you have dreams for adventure in the great Scottish outdoors but don’t know where to start? If so then why not take some inspiration from some of the 360 Routes on this site. Maybe your a hill runner and are considering that big race you’ve always had your heart set on but your a little apprehensive about entering it? No problem, have a look here first, a Munro bagger? Why not have a look here first. 360 degree routes and tours are always being added to this site, chances are we might have the 360 degree route on this site to give you some idea’s for your next big adventure. Some people are in the very unfortunate position that they are physicals impaired from adventuring into remote areas, we sincerely hope that this website can bring something to you.

The graphic images below illustrate  the functions of the user interface within the 360 degree route window.

Image showing the instructions for the controls on the tour browser.
Image showing the instructions for the controls on the tour browser
Image showing the instructions for the controls on the tour browser