Càrn Mairg Munros

Càrn Gorm reaches a height of 1029 metres (3376 feet), it qualifies as a Munro and a Marilyn. It is often climbed as part of the circuit of the Càrn Mairg Munros which stand in a curving arc around the Invervar Burn. Càrn Gorm is the first of the hills climbed when the round is walked in a clockwise direction, it is then followed by Meall Garbh, Càrn Mairg and Meall nan Aighean. Although not the highest of the group Càrn Gorm is often regarded as the finest looking with its summit shaped into a neat cone. The hill lies within the Chesthill estate and large herds of deer are often seen on its slopes. Càrn Gorm translates literally from the Gaelic as “Blue Hill”, but the word gorm is also used for the green of foliage, and probably comes from the dark tones of the grass on the hillside rather than the shady hues of the conifer plantation on its south east slopes which was planted well after the hill was named.

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