Stuc a' Chroin 5000

Called the Stuc a’ Chroin 5000 because of its previously approximate total climb (in feet!), the race up until 2016 was 22k long and the course record was 1:59:22 for the males, and 2:22:47 for the females.
The Stuc a’ Chroin race had to undergo a route change because of building development work. These records will now stand as the permanent records due to the change in the course. New records were set in 2015 and stand at (Male) Hector Hains (HBT) 2:08:33, and (Female) Georgia Tindley (HBT) 02:37:48. Against our predictions, the new course came in faster than we thought, and the lure of the sub 2 hour record still excites.The new course is approximately a 5,000 feet ascent, or 1500 metres, and 20 km long. The changes are only to the start / finish location as well as the initial and last section of the race.

Organised under British Athletic Rules and classed as a Category A Long Hill race, and in 2009 and 2017, it was a British Championship event with over 300 runners and in 2013, hosted one of the Scottish Athletics Championships Long Hill races.

Usually blessed with good weather, its timing at the beginning of May does mean that there may be a variety of conditions – consult the forecast before your journey … and don’t forget the midge repellent as well as your mandatory equipment.

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Unfortunately at the time of photographing this route the trees and undergrowth were very overgrown most of the way up until the deer fence at the foot of the hill. Some photos at the start of the race route should be on a trail through the trees, as access was not good these were taken on the road running parallel to the trail. Just before the deer fence the overgrowth was so bad that again access wasn’t good so the photos are where they are, hopefully somewhere close!

Below are some photos taken on Saturday 6th May 2017 British Championship.